1. 01. Download the Pissei App

    Maximum performance, advanced technology, attention to detail, design unmistakably made ​​in Italy. In one sentence it is possible to sum up the philosophy that leads Pissei to create garments of high-range for high-level professional athletes of cycling.

    The same passion that drives the athlete in his effort animated Pissei in the attempt to break its own limits, to guarantee the best technology, comfort and fit. Lighter and more durable materials, which push the athlete to the maximum of his possibilities. This, and much more, is contained in the untiring work of Pissei minds, whose focus has been and remains to bring up Italy in the world through unique clothes.

    Not only sport: Pissei has expanded its horizons by entering in the fashion world, with a strong concept of Italian design and style. Thus was born “Italian Bikers”, to bring in the everyday clothing a little bit of Pissei “sporting heart”.

    From now, this heart also beats in mobile devices. For the first time, in fact, a brand of clothing for cycling and not only provides its catalog, through an app for iOS and Android operating systems. Full, elegant, feature-rich: a real revolution whose Pissei is the precursor. An app that’s available to everyone, from customers to teams, up to the end user, to “browse” a preview of Summer 2014 news, to look for the nearest Pissei store, or to always have useful contacts with you.
    The feeling of wearing a “second skin” is now within the reach of the world!

    Pissei offer becomes “mobile”, for smartphones and tablets. Search for our app on the App Store and Google Play.

  2. 02. ‘Win $1,000 of Pissei Clothing’ (Competition)

    Pissei Clothing ‘Win $1,000 of Pissei Clothing’ (Competition) Terms & Conditions of PARTICIPATION

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  3. 03. 2014 Australian Road Championships

    What a fantastic couple of days!!! Surprise results, impressive crashes, returning champions and a Mens podium worthy of any European Pro race.

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  4. 04. Welcome to Como Bike

    Welcome to Como Bike. Thank you for checking out our blog. We love cycling and triathlon, we hope you do to.

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